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1.An individual who is able to touch souls, while increasing another's feeling of beauty, strength, and self-confidence using only a makeup brush and a smile,


 Kelly has had the opportunity in her career to showcase her talent in many different areas such as television, celebrity, weddings, editorial, corporate, and more.  She has  been fortunate to work with award-winning photographers, producers & cinematographers like Ken Kwampis, Warner Media, Pulse Media, Dina Rudick, Evan Kafka, Eric Levin, Kimberly Lowe, Shawn G. Henry, Mary Casey, WGBH Boston, CNN, CBS,  ABC, StudioGo and more.  


Her work has been featured in EBN and Family Fun magazines and has been seen on celebrity - and high-profile faces such as Former Vice President Mike Pence, NH Governor Chris Sununu, Gwilym Lee, Baron Baptiste, Emily Rooney, Jim Braude, Callie Crossley, Richie Keene, Phyllis Logan, Miss NH  and more.

Kelly is a proud member of The Powder Group. She is always working on her craft by continuing her education and training.  Kelly has attended classes with world renowned makeup artists such as;  James Vincent, Joe Delude II, Carl Ray and Alphonse Wiebelt among other well known artists.

Whether you are looking to hire a makeup artist for a high profile event, television appearance, special occasion, photoshoot, or you just want to look your very best, rest assured that Kelly and her team of talented artists will exceed your expectations in talent, professionalism and confidentiality.

Please contact us today to discuss your specific makeup needs.



Makeup Services

Photographers, producers and media representatives please reach out to with your inquiry to receive accurate pricing.



Prices below represent in-salon servicing.  

Please inquire about travel prices.


PHOTOSHOOT Reach out for pricing

Makeup only  

boudoir, portraits, pregnancy, professional headshots

PHOTOSHOOT Reach out for pricing

Makeup and hair (curling hair only)

boudoir, portraits, pregnancy, professional headshots


One to one in-depth consultation.    

We begin by reviewing your current routine and products along with what preferences and look you desire

Wasting no time, we move to the makeup chair providing step by step instruction and technique along with which products to use so you can achieve your desired look.

You will also receive and email which will include all the steps and product information so you can remember the details and complete the look at home.

Please plan up to 2 hours for your consultation. 

Once home, if you aren't sure about something you will always be able to reach out to me and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have regarding what we did/used, etc..

If you are looking for wedding makeup, hair or grooming please look under Wedding Services for more information

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